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If you accumulate at least ten (10) points on your driving record, the DMV will require you to attend a traffic school program. Failure to complete the program and/or pay the necessary fee by your due date will result in license suspension. With your DMV hearing examiner's approval, you can complete our course to meet your traffic school requirement, protect your driving privilege, and remove points from your official DMV record!

The purpose of is to refresh your knowledge of motor vehicle law, review key defensive driving principles, and enhance your awareness of traffic safety issues. If you participate in our course to satisfy your DMV requirement, you have 15 days from the DMV hearing decision date to pay your violation and 30 days from the hearing decision date to complete the course. Voluntary participation may qualify you for an auto insurance discount; please contact your insurer before you enroll for more information.

You can enroll and complete in as little as one day. If you're ready to begin, you can register online.

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